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Compatibility Assessment

Hiring mistakes can cost substantial time and money. We can help you make the best possible hiring decisions through SelecSys™, our proprietary compatibility assessment tool. SelecSys™ provides you with additional information and insight into job candidates.

The SelecSys™ Process

  • Job Profile. We provide you with online access to a simple survey form consisting of questions about the position. Following a data analysis, a custom job profile is generated that defines the traits of the ideal candidate.
  • Candidate Profile. After candidates complete the profile form, data analysis determines their personality profile.
  • Profile Comparison Chart. SelecSys™ then compares the candidate and job profiles to show how closely each candidate matches the ideal. A quick, accurate compatibility assessment is obtained for each candidate.
  • Behavior-based Interviews. To increase the accuracy of the results, SelecSys™ provides you with behavior-based questions to ask during the interview process. Based on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance, these questions focus on a candidate's specific, work-related job experiences, offering an accurate indication of the candidate's future behavior and likelihood of success.
  • On-going Feedback. After candidates are hired, SelecSysSM continues to provide feedback about their interaction with co-workers. SelecSysSM also measures the results of entire teams to improve their interaction, communication and productivity.

Benefits of Using SelecSys™

  • Fair assessment of candidate skills;
  • Lower interviewer bias;
  • Candidates' positive feelings about the interview are increased;
  • Legally defensible;
  • Better hiring decisions;
  • More predictable employee performance; and
  • Better evaluation of candidate comparisons.