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Quality Manager

Reference Number: 5912 - SB
Location: South Carolina


• Analyzes, evaluates, and presents information concerning factors such as business situations, production capabilities, manufacturing problems, economic trends, and design and development of new products for consideration by other members of management team.
• Suggests and debates alternative methods and procedures in solving problems and meeting changing market opportunities.
• Cooperates with other top management personnel in formulating and establishing company policies, operating procedures, and goals.
• Develops initial and subsequent modifications of quality assurance program to delineate areas of responsibility, personnel requirements, and operational procedures within program.
• Evaluates contents of reports from quality assurance program department heads and confers with top management personnel preparatory to formulating fiscal budget for quality assurance program.
• Conducts management meetings with quality assurance program department heads to establish, delineate, and review program organizational policies, to coordinate functions and operations between departments, and to establish responsibilities and procedures for attaining objectives.
• Reviews technical problems and procedures of departments and recommends solutions to problems or changes in procedures.
• Visits and confers with representatives of material and component vendors to obtain information related to supply quality, capacity of vendor to meet orders, and vendor quality standards.
• Confers with engineers about quality assurance of new products designed and manufactured products on market to rectify problems.
• Reviews technical publications, articles, and abstracts to stay abreast of technical developments in industry.
• Functions as Management Representative and reports to top management the performance and need for improvement of the quality management system. 
• Ensures promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.
• Functions, with the Engineering Manager, as the Customer Representative, ensuring customer requirements are addressed.
• Ensures product quality and has authority to stop nonconforming processes until problems are corrected.

Yes. Quality Engineers, Technicians, and Inspectors.


• Bachelors degree or equivalent experience.
 5 - 7 years quality management experience.
 3-5 years injection molding experience. 
 Background must include experience with PPAP submissions/process for new or revised tooling, APQP process/Control plans/FMEA/Flow Charts.
• Strong technical skills and an understanding of statistics.
• Manufacturing concepts and principles.
• Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Process. 
• Six Sigma Black Belt certification is desired.
• Experience within TS-16949 environment.
• Process management/statistical process control.
• Business system software.
• Office system software – word processing, spreadsheets.
• Managing internal and external relationships.
• Process Management.
• Budget management.
• Problem analysis/solving.
• Strong communication and organizational skills along with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment is essential.