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February 18, 2022

A Day in the Life of a “Top Biller” Executive Recruiter

Life of a “Top Biller” Executive Recruiter 

Every day is usually different, but the reward is always great. Jake Tebrugge goes through the ups and downs of what it means to be an Executive Recruiter in the current job market.

To start his day, Jake comes in every morning and strategizes an efficient plan. He makes a list of activities he will focus on for the day. These activities can be a broad range of things such as: 

  • Analyzing jobs that are lacking candidates
  • Listing who to communicate with for the day
  • Looking over which candidates he needs to interview
  • Figuring out which clients he needs to talk with
  • Going over who he needs to present
  • Examining who he needs to follow up with 

Once Jake has his day mapped out, he hops on the phone and starts his calls and recruiting tasks. For this period of his day, Jake tackles what he does best- recruiting. To find his clients “a perfect match” candidate, he uses various resources to locate and contact industry professionals. 

A day in the life of an executive recruiter, jake tebrugge


Talking with Candidates 

To establish context and a personal understanding of his candidates, Jake values knowing what is going on in their personal and work life. Understanding what his candidates do, what motivates them, why they are looking, and what goals they have set for their careers, are all important questions that Jake seeks to get answered. Jake also tends to consult his clients directly on the jobs he believes they are fit for and makes a point to learn more about their life situations; their families, if they want a better career, if they have been laid-off, or if they just want a change of scenery. 

Talking with Clients

When talking with clients, Jake’s first step is to establish the job order and ensure that the requirements that are needed for the open position are clear. After that, Jake inquires with the client these questions:

  • What he is doing to help them fill their openings
  • What they want to see in a candidate for a job they are hiring for
  • How he and the whole MRT team can help them with what they want

The bottom line is, Jake takes his job seriously. He knows it is vital that a candidate loves his job and a client finds the right hire for their needs. 


A recruiter’s first obstacle is getting used to hearing the word “no”. Whether it’s from the candidate about a job, or a client on a candidate they just interviewed, “no” is a common response. More often than not, Jake tries to embrace these moments since they allow him to learn. More importantly, it helps a candidate see where they can improve or reveals to a client what characteristics and skills in a candidate are the most important. Overall, Jake views “no” as a growth moment. 

The Reward of the Job

While there are hardships, Jake looks at his life as a recruiter as a marathon. He understands there are highs and lows, but constant changes give him the opportunity to learn something new. Challenges for Jake are what keep things interesting and allow him to enhance his skillset. 

As a recruiter, Jake has learned the importance of constant communication and how critical that is for success in his job and being on a team. 

He is excited for the future of his career and enjoys the differences he makes daily. Focused on the plastics, metal, automotive, and medical device industries, Jake is an excellent recruiter that can help candidates and clients find their perfect fit. Recently, he won an award as “Top Biller” for the office in 2022… an exciting feat for Jake and we are so proud to have him on our team!

Reach out to Jake at any time to learn more about his services and how he may be able to assist you today. 

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