Mid-Year Hiring Update: Opportunities for Job Seekers and Employers in Q3 and Q4 of 2024

mid-year hiring update

As we reach the mid-point of 2024, it is time for a mid-year hiring update. Both job seekers and employers are navigating a dynamic landscape filled with opportunities for growth and strategic advancement. For job seekers, the latter half of the year presents avenues for upskilling, networking, and emphasizing digital skills to enhance employability. Meanwhile,…

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Manufacturing Industry Hiring Trends: Overview of the Industry

manufacturing industry hiring trends

The manufacturing industry is at a crossroads, navigating both a boom time and significant staffing and recruiting issues amidst evolving manufacturing industry hiring trends. Recent technological advancements and rapid post-pandemic recovery have increased opportunities, yet they’ve also exacerbated challenges in filling crucial roles. Among the good news is that the manufacturing sector is adding a…

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Leveraging Plastic Manufacturing Networking: The Power of Conferences

In the dynamic landscape of the plastic manufacturing industry, networking has emerged as an indispensable tool for professionals aiming to stay ahead. The convergence of technology, sustainability demands, and market trends requires constant adaptation and innovation. Amidst these challenges, the significance of networking and attending conferences in the plastic manufacturing sector cannot be overstated. These…

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James Edgar Carter

It is with deep sorrow, that we share the gentle passing of a beloved father, cherished grandfather, devoted husband, treasured friend, and one of MRT’s esteemed original Co-Founders, James Edgar Carter.James Carter’s legacy is one of enduring impact, reflected in his numerous achievements and selfless service to others. His absence will be deeply felt by…

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Combating Workforce Shortages in Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Look

The American workforce has undergone significant upheavals in recent years, especially regarding the workforce shortages in manufacturing. Termed as ‘The Great Resignation,’ a vast number of workers across various industries opted to leave their jobs in pursuit of improved work-life balance, better compensation, or more favorable company cultures. However, this phenomenon has evolved into what…

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Manufacturing Human Capital in 2024 – From the Desk of Jerry Jones and Craig McMillan

It is a new year with plans full of hope, strategies, and ambitions. Like us, many of our clients are glad 2023 is behind them and are looking forward to a more stable and “predictable” 2024. Before going on, let’s go back to 2023, however painful; so that we can have perspective for 2024.    You…

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Smell the Resin Burn: How to Deliver Value and Succeed in the World of Manufacturing with Jerry Jones

manufacturing recruiting

In a recent podcast episode in the series “Talent Hunters” produced by MRINetwork, industry veteran Jerry Jones shares his remarkable journey in the manufacturing sector, offering valuable insights into the challenges, successes, and transformative moments that shaped his career. The conversation delves into the pivotal decisions that led Jones to transition from turnaround management to…

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Navigating Workforce Challenges in U.S. Manufacturing

manufacturing challenges

For many years now, we have been following the explosion of jobs coming back to the United States, and with this, the challenges it has brought to U.S. manufacturing. Many reasons have called for this surge in open jobs, but to review the main sources of this increase, we can thank the following trends: To…

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