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September 29, 2022

Deconstructing and Reconstructing our Business to Fit Current Needs

As a recruiting firm, we are immersed daily in the needs of the current workforce. Read as Mike Jones reflects on his part in evolving MRT to fit the current needs of our clients and candidates.

Mike Jones began officially at MRT in January of 2012 where he started his journey as a Project Coordinator for one of MRT’s top recruiters and biggest billers. From there, he moved into a Project Manager role in 2015 where he organized and managed projects for every recruiter. As more recruiters were added and the business grew, Mike took on a new role in 2017 as Senior Project Manager.  He kept up with his current tasks while also training and managing MRT’s Internet Research team. In 2020, MRT began transitioning its ownership. With this change came Mike’s advancement to Operations Manager. MRT has shifted the way we do business to fit the needs of our clients and candidates to ensure our services and daily operations are creating lasting benefits for all parties involved.


Before the transition in ownership, MRT was structured as a classic recruiting office. MRT has always satisfied the needs of our clients and candidates, but leaders in the business saw the need to make adjustments in the workflow so that everyone on the team could work more efficiently and at a higher level.  With an emphasis on technology advancements, Mike and other leaders in the office saw the potential of what MRT could grow into with a few culture changes and organizational shifts.


MRT has now been reconstructed with a more team-oriented approach. We began leveraging our long-time relationships with companies to drive more assignments to recruiters in our office that did not have that constant flow of work. Our company culture has evolved into a more positive team environment, helping our recruiters develop faster professionally than ever before.

Mike has played a crucial role in the new structure of MRT by being the liaison between the recruiting and research teams and the ownership. Mike has taken a lot of the day-to-day pressure off by organizing and managing the daily work life, handling daily office-level issues that arise, and managing our technology platforms. This has freed up time for our Co-Owners to focus on new business opportunities and excel in untapped areas. MRT was able to restructure the business so we can offer more consultative services and share our industry expertise and insights. Our services have evolved to fill more than just open positions, but to be an efficient and knowledgeable aid in our client’s and candidates’ hiring needs.


After seeing the changes made within our business in the past 25 years and being heavily involved in changes for the last decade, Mike would like to take MRT into other industries where MRT already has transferrable knowledge. Mike says, “We currently work in manufacturing, specifically the plastics industry. With the rapid advancements in manufacturing technology, I can see other areas of the manufacturing industry where our knowledge would be of benefit”. MRT has been serving our clients and candidates for over 35 years and Mike does not see us slowing down anytime soon. Mike says, “Adding contract staffing to our list of offerings is a no-brainer to me given the current state of the job market, especially in the manufacturing space”. He would love to take our business to new horizons and share our expertise by implementing our services in other industries.


As for Mike’s future with MRT, he is planning to take the NextGen course provided by our parent company, MRINetwork. In this course, Mike will learn how to run a successful recruiting business from other experienced recruiters and individuals in the same position. NextGen provides recruiting businesses with the knowledge it takes to make a smooth transition from owner to owner when the time comes.

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