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May 20, 2022

3 Ways to Effectively Engage and Retain Gen Z

Learning to effectively engage and retain Gen Z talent is the key to success for any team and the next big challenge recruiters need to prepare for. The Gen Z workforce is looking for more from their company than ever before, but they are also bringing more talent and passion to the office than any generation before.

At the beginning of May, our team traveled to the annual MRINetwork United Showcase in Dallas-Fort Worth. Here, they met with hundreds of other network members, engaged with our industry’s top leaders and experts, and absorbed new skills and techniques to further enhance our team and themselves as individuals.

Breaking the Stereotypes of Gen Z

One of the many new ways our team grew at the showcase was learning how to properly engage the Gen Z workforce from author Mark Beel. (You can read more about him or buy his books here). Mark taught us that Gen Z is not looking for companies based on salary or vacation days, but rather on how they truly treat their employees, and better yet, their customers. Gen Z has many stereotypes, but one word to describe their generation is “entrepreneurial”.

Older Gen Z survived college, high school, and graduations through a global-wide pandemic. They learned to connect with each other virtually and navigated online learning. In some of the most transformational times of their lives, they learned to overcome. Millions at an early age learned hard lessons that revealed what truly does matter. They are changing the way hiring authorities look at candidates and the way candidates look at their employers.

Building Workplace Culture for Gen Z

By 2030, Gen Z will be 30% of the workforce.

That’s right. In just seven short years Gen Z will be bigger than millennials. This means finding ways to connect with Gen Z and creating a place to work that will fit their needs is crucial. Some ways to attract and retain Gen Z talent:

  • Create empowering workplace environments
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the importance of mental and physical health
  • Welcome new practices and adopt new technology

Create empowering workplace environments. Gen Z does not want to be managed. They bring an entrepreneurial mindset, passion, and the drive to do what is best for their customers. In return, they want to work with a company (not for), that will provide them with the tools and resources they need for success. They want to be trusted by their employer, as well as trust them.

Demonstrate your understanding of the importance of mental and physical health. The pandemic has taught Gen Z how important it is the prioritize health. Gen Z is looking for a company that will provide adequate paid vacation time, great health insurance, and the option of taking off work for mental health days. Mental health plays a significant part in their job search, meaning they are looking for a stable work-life balance, which will include hybrid and remote work. Gen Z is looking for a company that will support their well-being and those around them.

Welcome new practices and adopt new technology. Gen Z wants to work with a company that is not afraid to take risks. They want a company that will listen to new perspectives and foster environments that encourage technology development. This generation is looking to continuously advance their talents.

Filling Gaps with Gen Z Talent

Gen Z is the most diverse and inclusive generation. Gen Z is looking for companies that have a purpose. If companies do not modify their environment to accommodate the desires of the incoming Gen Z workforce, they will fail to hire some of the best talents. When we step back and look at the future of work, it is Gen Z. It is time to start planning and strategizing hiring processes that adapt for the future.

At MRT, we prepare for these economic, technological, and social changes. We are training now to effectively engage and retain Gen Z talent. If your hiring process is not ahead of the curve, reach out to us today to see how we can consult your business. If you are looking for new, bright, and passionate Gen Z talent, we can begin your search today.

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