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March 2, 2022

Great Work Habits for WFH and In Office

While many workers across the globe are returning to the office, it is important to maintain productive work habits to ensure a smooth transition from working from home.

According to research conducted by Mercer, a study found that almost 70% of companies have plans or are already conducting their work in a hybrid-based work model. This shows that companies are okay with their staff working remotely. Research even insists that working from home leads to enormous productivity increases.  However, this boost of productivity has shown the benchmark for what workers are capable of. This is why workers must keep these new habits when they transition back into the office.

The Best Habits for Any Worker

Whether you are completely remote, hybrid, or only in person, working to establish a few essential productivity habits will see you becoming more satisfied with the quality of work you are putting in. Here are a few habits that have been recommended by industry professionals.

  • Become an effective time manager
    • Effectively managing your time during the workday and week has become slightly easier in the work-from-home shift, as we have gained the time we lost commuting to and from the office. With this new surplus of time, it is important to have a realistic plan of your daily tasks and to set yourself up for success by effectively planning for time.
  • Having an organized workstation at home and the office
    • When working in a hybrid model, you must have an organized physical setting to work in at home and in the office. It is easy to forget or leave things behind accidentally at each of your offices, so it is recommended to either use a travel or work bag to transport your items. You can also avoid this problem by keeping backups at both of your work locations so you are prepared in any event.
  • Reward yourself with breaks or exercise
    • It has been easier than ever to forget to get outside when you are working from home, because of not having to commute or leaving to get lunch during work. For working from home, it is recommended to take the time you would get off when working at the office to get outside for just a few minutes to decompress. This is especially important if you have gotten through a tough obstacle and are in need of a break.

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How to Commit to Consistency

Committing to a consistent hybrid work routine will provide numerous mental health benefits. Studies have shown that committing to a consistent work routine decreases stress levels, allowing you to get better quality sleep and be more focused and productive during the workday. By sticking to a structured and efficient work routine, you can be a productive worker at home or in the office. Not only are the health benefits of having a consistent routine amazing, but your employer and colleagues will notice a difference in how efficient you have become.  Reinvesting in your physical and mental health should be included in your habits as a worker in 2022.

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