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August 31, 2022

Growth Opportunities and Overworked Employees- Pain Points in Hiring


Why are employers struggling to retain talent?

Growth Opportunities

The availability of growth opportunities keeps employees motivated and allows them to see a future within your company.

  • Clearly defined career path. A clearly defined path of upward mobility for each employee fosters an environment of motivation and willingness to continue their careers within your company. Make a habit of setting goals for employees and show them what they can achieve when they reach certain milestones.
  • Create challenges. Employees do not want to be stuck with the same mundane tasks every day. They want to grow their careers and abilities by being given new tasks and room to share their ideas and opinions. A challenging work environment can be a positive one if there is support and guidance given when needed.
  • Training and innovation. The best way for any company or individual to grow their skills is through training. Having modern and innovative training available excels both company and candidate careers. Supporting your staff by encouraging them to participate in training keeps the company’s and individual’s skills and reputation high.

growth opportunities

Overworked Employees

The Great Resignation has revealed employees’ most desired working environments, one of them being a balanced work-life schedule.

  • Work-life balance. Employees want to have time off to relax, rejuvenate, and spend time exploring hobbies or furthering their education. Consider allowing your employees to take a Friday off when a goal is met or give away extra vacation time when quarterly reviews are stellar. Giving your employees the time off they need without criticizing them is necessary.
  • Flexible schedules. Often, employees want opportunities for flexible schedules, or even better, a hybrid work model. The pandemic has shown a lot of employers that employees can thrive while working from home. Money and time are saved on commuting, trust between employer and employee is respected, and everyone has more availability to focus on things outside of work and give their bodies the proper time to rest and prepare for the next work day.
  • A solid team. Working on a skilled and passionate team can create an environment employees thrive in. Working alongside others who learn from each other and can rely on each other during difficult times, or simply when they need a vacation, creates a meaningful work-life balance.

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