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January 13, 2022

Hiring Strategies to Ensure Your “Perfect Fit” is One Interview Away

Learning how to hire highly skilled, peak performance employees can be a game changer in 2022. Finding the perfect fit is hard, but it’s not impossible. There are proven hiring strategies that can be used to ensure you attract applicants with the highest level of talent. With a well thought out strategy, your “perfect fit” is one interview away.


One of the sure-fire hiring strategies is offering outstanding perks and compensation.

Candidates are aware that the skills they bring are in high demand, so you will have to find ways to stand out with compensation packages and benefits. Be sure to consider the location, industry, skills needed and the experience level to consider desirable perks, flexible schedules, free food and performance bonuses.


Another way to attract candidates with the most potential is to build your brand with intention.

As much as you are looking to see what they can offer you, they are also looking to see what you can offer them. Making sure your brand story is clear and that it fully details the company history should be a top priority. Finding ways to show how your company differs from other, like-minded organizations is key too. When you build a really strong employer brand, the candidates will seek you out directly.


Make sure team building and culture are at the top of your priority list.

In recent studies, it has been reported that only 24% of employees feel connected to their colleagues. This is problematic considering most polls show that coworkers are the primary thing that employees like about their jobs.  If you are not housing synergy among workers, you will likely feel the consequences in all areas of the company. Team building will serve as the cornerstone of your company if you do it well.


The market is competitive for candidates, but it is also competitive for employers now more than ever. 

Applicants with the highest talent potential want to join a winning team too. A perfect example is the amount of candidates that choose to go work for Google each year. The perception is that Google is one of the best places to work simply because it dominates it’s competition. The companies with diverse fields of expertise and industry dominance hire more easily than those that don’t, so it’s something to consider when presenting your brand to the market.


Geographical limitations don’t serve either side of the hiring process well. 

Historically, companies seldom considered hiring someone that lived outside of the region in which the company operates. With added technology, most have evolved to the point that they can hire talented people as far as across the country with confidence. Limited your search for candidates to those near your office can lessen the chance of recruiting top talent. Open the search on the hiring channels to see what resumes you get in. Remote workers are plentiful and qualified today.


There is a duty to evolve and invest in new technologies in order to stay on top of the job market today. 

Today’s upcoming generation is not interested in applying for jobs that use dated tactics and methodology. Computing infrastructures must be at the forefront of the cutting edge today. Offering innovative technology, upgraded tools, apps and devices is paramount in the hiring market. This allows you to pique the interest of candidates and offer ways for your team to be more productive.


Hiring strategies that allow employees to engage in project diversity is another way to appeal to the high level talent today.

Even the most passionate workers can lose interest in their field if they are held to only participate on the same exact tasks over long periods. Don’t hesitate to allow employees to take on, or share, responsibilities that lie outside of their standard job description. Employees that work on varying types of projects- even outside of their departments- learn how to perform better and are more rounded in skillsets.


The need to find the right fit is so important! The need to BE the right fit is equally important and may be overlooked by your hiring team. Great intention in the hiring process produces great success in the performance of your company.

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