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March 14, 2022

How to Reduce Job Search Anxiety

Beginning a new job search may seem like an intimidating task to start, but as long as you follow some of our simple tips on how to reduce job search anxiety, you can set yourself up for a successful new job! 

In today’s job market, people are resigning from their current positions to find new jobs that will give them a better work-life balance. This extremely high rate of resignations is known as the Great Resignation phenomenon, and you can read more about it at our blog or watch our recruiters examine what is triggering it at our vlog. With extremely high rates of demand for top-quality job talent, there is no better time to launch a job search that will give you a better salary and benefits package.

Best Practices to Reduce Anxiety

Looking for a new job can be a life and career-changing decision, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the opportunities and applications. Our #1 tip to reduce job search anxiety is to formulate a plan that considers the details of what position you want and where you want to work. The plan should include the must-haves in your new job so that you can easily determine which positions and companies to avoid when beginning your search. Your plan should also include your anticipated pay range and the compensation packages you are looking to receive. This helps in the interview process when your hiring authority is discussing salary.

Your job search plan should also include a list of companies you are looking to target, and companies you are currently in the interview process with. Having a detailed plan will keep you feeling positive and organized about where you are at in your job search.

Why Working With a Recruiter Is Your Best Bet

If you have a preconceived notion that the job search process will be too anxiety-filled and overwhelming, reaching out to a recruiter can be the best option for you to find a new job. The perks of working with a recruiter instead of conducting a lengthy and time-consuming search are innumerable. Some of the benefits of working with a recruiter directly to help you with a job search include:

  • Personalized preparation for interviews and meetings
  • Resume feedback
  • Provide negotiation and consultation after an offer is sent
  • Present opportunities from our extensive network of organizations and individuals

The Three Ps 

According to JobHunt, the three Ps that should be followed in any job search are Persistence, Perspective, and Positivity. It is incredibly easy to be dissuaded after being rejected by a few companies. Applying persistence to the search will help you yield the best results. Practicing positivity and perspective will help you stay focused and motivated to keep working toward finding the best job offer. 

At Management Recruiters of Tallahassee, we take pride in helping prospective candidates find their dream job. We offer extensive client services and have a large network of hiring authorities at some of the best manufacturing companies across the country. Feel free to reach out to us here or connect directly with some of our top executive recruiters. We love guiding individuals and building careers and companies wherever we can. 

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