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  • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Molding Manager

MRI Tallahassee

This is a role that involves overseeing and accountable for mold tooling operation to ensure that daily schedule ,production,and quality goals are met and capable of sampling, developing, optimizing, and troubleshooting molding processes based on the 4 plastics variables, troubleshooting molds (new and existing), and auxiliary parts handling equipment. Coordinate all activities required to ensure a successful start-up to new processes, uninterrupted production, and maintain the overall company scrap rate goals. The candidate will be able to lead a team of Engineer to analyze data; create reports, documents, and training presentations. Also capable to develop, implement, and monitor continuous improvement in all phases of the company’s molding operations.


Minimum Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent level of experience
  • State certified Injection Molding Journeyman Certificate or equivalent (RJG Train the Trainer certificate).
  • Advanced Scientific Injection Molding Certificate preferred
  • Must have advanced thermoplastic, knowledge of scientific injection molding principles using the 4 plastics variables
  • Must have experience with scientific injection molding
  • Capable to Lead, train, and educate staff.
  • Must have experience and knowledge of installing and removing molds from molding machines
  • Must possess a detailed understanding of molding machines, injection molds, resins (engineering grades such as PBT, PPT, PPS , ABS and etc..), colorants, and auxiliary equipment (robots, eDART’s, conveyors, material loaders, and gravimetric blenders)
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years of experience (hands-on) in an injection molding manufacturing environment
  • Must have a good working understanding of process control on microprocessor-controlled injection machines
  • Experience working with precision molds and insert molding environment is preferred
  • Has general understanding and knowledge of pressure transducers, de-coupled molding, and interactions with injection molding machines.
  • Has the capabilities and knowledge to set-up and document Process alarm settings.
  • Has the capabilities and knowledge on mold design concept and pre-engineering tooling design study.
  • Experience working with hot runner controllers preferred

Understanding of IQ OQ PQ preferred


  • Max. file size: 300 MB.

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