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November 2, 2021

Market Trends of 2021- What Will Stay and What Will Go!

As we approach the end of 2021, it’s time we look at the market trends and assess which will stay and which will go! A recent case study made one thing crystal clear- hybrid hiring is here to stay. In fact, 81% of recruiting professionals said that virtual recruiting will continue ongoing after the shifts made during COVID 19.

Still, that’s not all COVID brought in as far as workforce changes and innovations go. Here are some other shifts in market trends that will carry over into 2022.

Safe Work Environments Everywhere

No longer will a demand for safer work environments be centered around manufacturing and warehouse environments. All companies, and industries, will be asked to have policies and procedures to increase workplace safety. This includes cleaning procedures, health checks and allocated sick time for all employees of all levels.

Flexible Work Schedules

Not all employees are seeking full remote, but flexible work schedules are making their way into the new norm. Parents that need to find ways to work alongside school schedules, and those that no longer have after school care, are more inclined to accept a position with flex scheduling. Surprisingly, companies that offer such schedules are finding that the productivity rate increases with the amenity, and an added layer of employee moral and sense of value increase as well.

Health Care Benefits for Employees

COVID 19 has taken a toll on the mental health and wellness of most. That’s why we are seeing additional emphasis on the need for health care benefits offered by employers. Further, mental health is a big differentiating factor in the comparison of benefits for prospects. General wellness seems to be of great importance for applicants today, and the coverage on services for it are the first items to be compared, according to recent reports.

Domestic Production and Operations

Local is leading! We have seen a huge shift in production and operations- moving from global to local in 2021. The pandemic posed great threats to the supply chains throughout the year, and it continues to do so. With added security on local operations, we will continue to see organizations shift towards domestic which can positively impact the local economy and environmental efforts.

Innovation is Key

Whether it’s for remote employees or the functionality of the business, innovation will continue to be the most promising prediction for 2022. Many businesses were forced into a pivot point during the pandemic, and innovation was not optional. Internal cultures are fostering creativity and technological innovations across all industries. 2022 will most certainly be a sink or swim for companies fighting their way through the new norm.

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