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April 20, 2022

Marketing in the Recruiting Industry – Perspective From a Recent Graduate

Joining Management Recruiters of Tallahassee, MRT,  in a newly formed marketing position was an exciting challenge for Emma Madden. Emma learned the significance of marketing an executive recruiting company to the plastics, metals, and automotive industries.  

As an ambitious, eager, and newly graduated student, Emma Madden knew there was a job out there for her to thrive as a self-motivated marketer. Emma graduated from Florida State University in the spring of 2021 with a double major in Marketing and Management. Emma knew one thing for sure; she loved learning and being a leader.

 After completing a year-long internship with MRT and another internship simultaneously at another office within the MRINetwork, Emma landed a permanent position with Management Recruiters of Tallahassee upon graduation. This current position allows her the freedom to grow and learn at a fast rate. She is able to make decisions in the marketing department and teach others within the company the importance of marketing and marketing skills. Being a leader on a team is a position in which Emma thrives, and her position at MRT allows her to do just that.

Learning the Trade

In Emma’s experience as a marketing intern, she was given the unique opportunity to create her own vision for what the firm needed to make their marketing effective. In her first few weeks on the job, she was tasked with going through what had already been established from previous marketing efforts. She was learning new strategies and concepts during her time in class that she was able to directly incorporate into practice; real-time knowledge with real-time application. This was not only great for her professional development. She also developed a comprehensive best practices guide to use for any of the marketing functionalities. While doing all of this, Emma was the only person in the firm completing marketing duties. She was a one-woman team. To add to this, she was just in the beginning stages of understanding what executive recruiting entailed. Learning the industries and clients we served was a huge part of her first step as an intern marketer. 

During her first few weeks, she realized how much time, effort, and strategy went into being a top recruiter, and the balancing act recruiters face to please both client and candidate. For her, marketing for a firm that truly changed businesses and people’s lives was something that she knew would be hard to find somewhere else. Learning the value that MRT provides for the automotive, plastics, medical device, and consumables industries are the reason she takes her job so seriously. 

Day-to-Day Projects

Since gaining her position as a full-time Marketing Specialist, Emma has been extremely busy overseeing and handling firm-wide marketing duties, from branding, social media, copywriting, website building and designing, and maintaining customer relationships. Emma also saves time to work directly with the recruiters to help brand their personal profiles. This helps them in their personal marketing objectives, which is to land job placements with companies in several industries. Some major tasks Emma has been working on recently include creating a monthly newsletter, filming educational videos with the executive recruiters, and devising an email marketing campaign with a third-party company, with the help of Matthew McCallister, MRT’s newest marketing intern. 

Recruiter Marketing and Where the Future is Headed

Emma has quickly learned that marketing for a recruiting firm differs heavily from the type of product marketing that is taught heavily in college. Showing expertise in the field of recruiting is Emma’s #1 objective in her service marketing mix. In the social media function, most of the business comes directly from LinkedIn, which differs from the typical Facebook/Instagram/Twitter marketing that other industries utilize. On LinkedIn, Emma markets the recruiters and the firm as a whole to both the clients and the candidates, which is unique to a recruiting firm. Emma prides herself on the importance of working with people to help them find better career opportunities, as well as working with clients to find great candidates that will make real impacts in their companies.

The future of content marketing will be extremely fast and digestible and at everyone’s disposal, according to Emma. She also believes that content must be user-friendly and have low barriers to accessibility in order to be effective. Making investments in technology and marketing personnel will be critical to the success of recruiting firms in the future, and Emma believes that marketers will need to be able to continuously learn new strategies in order to keep up. 


Emma has been full of excitement and anticipation while working and learning in her role as a Marketing Specialist. MRT has appreciated having someone on their team who has been learning the newest and best practices being taught at a top public university. 

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