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March 2, 2022

More Than a Recruiting Firm – Sandra’s View of the Last 25 Years

An outlook of Management Recruiters of Tallahassee’s successes and challenges throughout the last 25 years through the eyes of Sandra Jones, wife of Co-Owner, Jerry Jones. Sandra had been an observer but is now part of the MRT team as our Senior Business Systems Manager.

A Family Business

Looking from the outside in for over 25 years, Sandra Jones has seen Management Recruiters of Tallahassee go through many different phases as they have grown to be one of the top 50 offices within the MRINetwork. The most important contributing factors for maintaining this accomplishment for so long, she says, have been forward-thinking regarding technology, keeping clear goals, making sure each team member knows the importance of accountability and demonstrating the value that MRT provides.

Sandra’s Huge Impact

Many of the barriers for the recruiters that might have been there years ago have been overcome by the implementation of new technologies. MRT has been reshaped by making its business processes highly integrated and more streamlined. As Senior Business Systems Manager: that is where Sandra’s experience comes into play. Over the past 30 years, Sandra has helped many businesses improve by simply learning how they operate and helping to develop strategies and processes to grow those businesses to their full potential.

Working as a Team

When asked about goals, Sandra stated that she had once read that people who set goals are more productive, more creative, have more confidence, and are less stressed. She has found that to be true. Having clear goals for the MRT team has kept them focused on their priorities and created a measurable roadmap for success. Goals have also given them greater accountability. Each team member has goals that inspire them to take action every day.

MRT is able to demonstrate the value they offer in many ways. Following are just a few:

  •   MRT recruiters have mastered the ability to understand what their clients need both culturally and technically.
  •   The speed to placement, days from inception to start, have gone down over the years.
  •   Success rates of candidates have gone up.
  •   MRT recruiters have been able to accomplish more searches each year without a drop in productivity.

Sandra has seen MRT recruiters overcome obstacles throughout two decades but has also watched them persevere. Serving their industries; industrial plastics, medical device/packaging, consumables, and automotive, Sandra has been there to aid in the success of MRT and the entire recruiting team.

Being part of the MRT team is like being part of a family and that is so refreshing; we put people first. Technology, Goals, Accountability, Value, and let’s add Growth.  These are the key factors that will keep us going and growing for years to come.

Please reach out to Sandra if you have any questions regarding our services and specialties. She is a vital member of our team, and we are lucky to have her experience and knowledge, leading us every day.

We help build businesses. We form teams that will carry you forward. We are capable, technical, efficient, and effective.