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October 14, 2021

Benefits of a New Job During Holiday Season

There’s a new BELL in town for the holidays.

The holidays are upon us, but this year may call for a different kind of bell- the alarm clock!  Contrary to the sentiment of kicking back and easing up on job momentum this holiday season, it’s a better time than ever to get the resume polished and the submissions moving.

Many believe that the hiring seasons of an industry are set in stone, but it is a misconception indeed. While there are seasonal jobs, most companies opt to keep the hiring window open year round. In fact, showing your willingness to submit applications during the holidays can be a way to exemplify work ethic and character that sets you apart from the competition. Keeping your resume current and loaded to a placement page is always productive- especially during the holidays. Here’s why:

The competition is letting up!

People get consumed with holidays and festivities, and they have a tendency to put job searching on the back burner. Making yourself available in the candidate pool while others are taking off or traveling can be a huge advantage to you.

Holiday events and networking gatherings are taking place.

Weather it’s a cocktail event, grand opening of a new business or an office get together, attending and shaking hands at events, can be a great way to feel the hiring waters out!

Keep a contact code in your phone and network as much as you can. Don’t hesitate to make the conversations count and make yourself available.

The numbers are on the table.

Most organizations plan ahead and are looking at budget projects at years end. With unused funds or an increase of budget for a new year, you may be able to capitalize on them and wage higher salary requests. You know, the age-old line “we will wait until we set the new budgets.” Utilize the inquiry opportunity and apply when budgets are being set!

Piggy back on the New Year momentum!

Everyone wants to start the New Year on the right foot, so making your contributions an assets known, as an advantage, is right on time. Make sure they know you are ready and willing to expedite the interview and onboarding so that you can be part of their New Year launch too.

There is no greater celebration than great staff and a thriving organization. The bells will be ringing louder than ever before when you find the perfect space to grow your career!

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