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December 23, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a Better Leader

As the new year begins, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead. If you’re a leader at work, now is the perfect time to consider how you can be a better leader in the coming year. Here are five New Year’s resolutions to help you become a more effective and inspiring leader at work:

  1. Improve your communication skills: As a leader, it’s crucial that you can effectively communicate your vision and goals to your team. Take some time to reflect on how you currently communicate with your team and look for ways to improve. This could mean setting aside dedicated time for one-on-one meetings with team members, being more responsive to emails and messages, or simply being clearer and more concise in your communication.
  • Foster a culture of transparency: Trust is a key component of any successful team, and as a leader, it’s important that you cultivate an environment of transparency. This means being open and honest about the decisions you make, the challenges you face, and the goals you have for the team. By creating a culture of transparency, you can build trust and foster a sense of shared purpose among your team.
  • Encourage continuous learning and development: As a leader, it’s important that you not only set an example for your team but also provide them with the resources and support they need to grow and develop. Encourage your team members to set learning goals for themselves and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow. This could mean offering training and development programs, hosting guest speakers, or simply encouraging team members to seek out new learning opportunities on their own.
  • Empower your team: As a leader, it’s important to trust your team and give them the autonomy they need to do their best work. Empowering your team means setting clear goals and expectations, but also giving them the freedom to approach tasks and challenges in their own way. By empowering your team, you’ll create an environment where everyone feels valued and engaged, which can lead to better results and a more positive work culture.
  • Practice active listening: As a leader, it’s important that you not only communicate clearly but also listen actively to your team. This means giving your full attention to team members when they speak and asking questions to better understand their perspectives. Active listening helps to foster a sense of mutual respect and can lead to more collaborative and effective problem-solving.

By committing to these New Year’s resolutions, you can become a more effective and inspiring leader at work. As you work to improve your leadership skills, remember to be patient with yourself and your team, as growth and development take time. Celebrate your progress along the way and don’t be afraid to seek out additional resources or support as needed. With a little effort and determination, you can become a leader that your team can look up to and rely on.

Everyday Practices to Help you Reach your Professional New Year’s Resolutions

In addition to setting New Year’s resolutions, there are also specific activities you can do on a regular basis to improve your leadership skills. Here are five suggestions for activities you can try:

  1. Seek out opportunities for learning and development: As mentioned in the previous text, continuous learning and development is important for leaders. Look for opportunities to learn from others, whether that means taking a course, attending a workshop, or simply seeking out a mentor or coach. You can also encourage your team members to do the same, as learning and growth are contagious.
  • Practice mindfulness: Being present in the moment can help you be a more effective leader. Consider incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. These practices can help you stay focused and better manage stress, which can lead to clearer thinking and decision-making.
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork: Great leaders know how to bring out the best in their team members and encourage them to work together towards a common goal. Look for opportunities to encourage collaboration and teamwork among your team, whether that means setting up group projects or simply creating an open and inclusive work environment.
  • Seek out diverse perspectives: As a leader, it’s important to listen to and consider the perspectives of others, especially those who may have different backgrounds or viewpoints than your own. Try to seek out diverse perspectives and listen actively to what others have to say. This can help you make more informed decisions and better understand the needs and concerns of your team.
  • Lead by example: As a leader, it’s important to set a good example for your team. This means showing up on time, following through on commitments, and being respectful and professional in all your interactions. By leading by example, you can set the tone for the rest of your team and create a positive work culture.

By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you can become a more effective and inspiring leader at work. Remember, leadership is a journey, not a destination, so be patient with yourself and your team as you work to improve. And don’t be afraid to seek out additional resources or support when needed – there are many resources available to help leaders develop their skills. With a little effort and determination, you can become the leader your team needs and deserves.

Hands-on Activities to Involve your Whole Team

If you would like to incorporate your whole team into 2023 planning, here are some team-building exercises that might work for you:

  1. An End-of-Year Reflection

At their core, reflection exercises are about asking four key questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why do we think it happened?
  • What new problems or opportunities did it create?
  • What might we do as a result?

Read more on the “End of Year Brief” and how to complete it with your team here.

2. Writing a Letter to Yourself

To encourage people to hit the core of their goals and values, write yourself a letter.

  • What are the fears you plan to tackle, those things you believe are holding you back?
  • What are adventures you will embrace in the year to come?
  • How will you connect or reconnect with others in your life?
  • How will you plan to grow?
  • What can you do to serve others?

Read more on the idea behind writing the letter and how it holds yourself accountable here.

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