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February 4, 2022

Recent Promotion to Executive Recruiter!

Celebrating a BIG Promotion! 

Brandon began his career with MRT at the beginning of 2019. He was looking for a more full-time role. Moving away from the restaurant industry, his family was able to connect him through family friends to MRT. Starting off as an Administrative Assistant, the team quickly realized his potential and moved him into an Internet Researcher role. He was able to get first-hand experience in sourcing candidates. After a year as an Internet Researcher, he was moved up to a Project Manager. During that time, Brandon assisted in all facets of recruiting and worked closely alongside MRT’s Recruiters. 

executive recruiterBrandon mastered all aspects of manufacturing recruiting and has worked on over 100 job orders by aiding Recruiters in their candidate research. After gaining insights, skills, and industry knowledge from his Project Manager role, Brandon was promoted to Executive Recruiter at the beginning of 2022 and has already seen promising results. Brandon believes in transparency and confidence in helping aid companies while ensuring the opportunity is right for the candidates. Brandon has been continuously learning and adapting throughout his career to support candidates’ careers and companies’ legacies.

Currently, Brandon is working full-time while pursuing his degree part-time at a local college. He loves his new role for the main reason of having a “nice feeling at the end of the day”. He understands the shift happening in the recruiting industry – there are more needs than ever before. He wants to continue his career in recruiting because he loves enhancing the careers of others and contributing positively to a candidate’s life. Impacting lives every day and being able to help both a client and a candidate is why he is so passionate about his work. 

Brandon enjoys working in the medical device, packaging, and automotive industries, but also spends a lot of time in manufacturing, plastics, and custom manufacturing such as blow molding and injection molding. The shift between Project Manager to Recruiter has come with some challenges. Brandon mentions that managing himself as well as the candidates have been the biggest change. He is focused on ensuring the client is served in a timely manner and the candidate is the right fit for the job. 

In his time away from work, Brandon enjoys visiting with friends and family that are local to Tallahassee. He has also come to enjoy lifting weights throughout his workweek. Brandon also was a former baseball player and enjoys playing with friends on occasion. Brandon also enjoys watching sports such as European soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and attending Florida State sporting events. Brandon is quite busy between MRT and classes but finds time to do the things he loves with his friends and family. 

At MRT, we are so excited to see where Brandon takes his career and are proud of his new promotion to Executive Recruiter! Reach out to him at any time if you are having questions or concerns -he’d be happy to help! 


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