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December 31, 2021

Every Step to Land THAT Job in 2022

How to dig deep and land big!

We cover it all, as recruiters. From how to create a resume that stands out, how to find a job that meets your needs. The information we offer is always based on what we think YOU are asking us to support candidates with. There is no value in a service that is not helpful or needed. That is why we listen and deliver.

Having said that, what we have been seeing a shortage of is the step after the job search, and before the interview. That is, how to get ample information about the company you are applying for to make sure you bring a well-informed applicant to the interview process. While it’s not difficult, it doesn’t require a few steps. Don’t fret!

We are here every step of the way.


Some of the fear-based questions that start to stir for applicants are:

  • What is the company going to be like? 
  • What types of people will you meet? 
  • Will you fit in?

Getting information on the company culture and mission ahead of time is the way to ensure you can plot your strategy and go in feeling confident.  

The first step is one most overlooked, because they forget they can ask questions too- not just answer them!

Prior to the interview, you want to gather a quick list of the people you are meeting with in the organization. It’s ideal if they will provide it without asking, but if they don’t, be sure to inquire.

Even further, you want to make sure you build a healthy connection with the recruiter that is scheduling the interview. That relationship can be of great service to you in the process. By asking questions like:

  • Is there anything I should know about each of your interviewers?
  • “What is (insert interviewer’s name here) looking for in the perfect candidate?” 
  • What was the motivating factor in needing those elements?


The second step is to do a bit of spying (research.)

The details you gather in the first step can be used to go a little deeper and research a bit more. This should take a few hours, and it’s worth every second. Use your resources, and make sure the credibility is there. 

Start by heading to the company website and/or blog. This is a sure-fire way to get the most accurate information, as it is provided straight from the hiring source. The “about” section, blog, mission and overview sections can offer great insight to the company brand and vision. The way it’s presented creates clarity on how they want to present themselves to employees, customers, and the general public. Getting a grip on the culture can be done here, and you can project what walking in the interview door may be like. If the tone is serious, you can expect the interview to follow suit. If you observe a modern, more playful tone, you can do the same and anticipate it to reflect just that!


The next source is one of our favorites- LinkedIn!

As obvious as it may seem, it is often overlooked in this stage of the job finding process. Make sure you read through the profiles of the people you are interviewing with thoroughly and see what commonalities you can find to expose in your interview. Look to see if you share membership to any groups, past experiences or characteristics. Take a short dive into mutual connections to see if there are opportune times to bring to light in the interview. 


Next, hop over to Glassdoor.

This platform is huge in the latter stages of the interview process. It offers really insightful reviews about the company from people who have worked there before you. It’s the “tattle tale” site that can expose some info the organization would otherwise prevent you from seeing. Knowing that, it’s important to take the information with a grain of salt and remember it is the opinion and experience of someone- not necessarily fact.

Negative news tends to spread faster than positive news, unfortunately, so always keep that in mind.


Up in line to peruse, after Glassdoor, is YouTube.

It has been said, for decades, that a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can imagine the value of a video! Go to the videos on the company site and watch some official and non-official ones too. You may be able to hear some lingo, and watch the culture first hand by doing so. You can then find subtle ways to mimic some of that- showing how well you could fit in.


Don’t ignore the social handles either. They are often flooded with ways to begin involvement with the company before you walk in the building. Start with following all of the pages on the handles they use, and start conversations on the ones that are best suited. On Twitter you could start a thread simply saying you can’t wait to meet, and that you are looking forward to learning more about them. If they don’t reply, don’t worry, the point is to make a connection in general and get on their radar.


On the Facebook page, you can dig around a little bit to read some comments by them and others who may be talking about the organization. Look at the overall company tone and scroll through tags, pictures and posts for more info. 

After you trudge through, and connect on, the social channels, head over to big daddy GOOGLE! Make sure to search the company, the interviewers, and any related news that can be helpful. Go past the page 1 placements and see what has been posted in the past too. It will give you a general scope of all the press they have received over an extended period of time, not just current. 

It is proven that being a cultural fit is one of the top influencers to making the final hiring decision for most companies. Be sure to take notes and absorb all of the content you find in the steps above, so that you can create a general plan and persona that you can bring for interview success. 

2022 is all about YOU!

We help build businesses. We form teams that will carry you forward. We are capable, technical, efficient, and effective.