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November 22, 2021

People Quit Their Jobs at Alarming Rates- The Great Resignation

People Quit Their Jobs at Alarming Rates- The Great Resignation

people quit their jobs

The numbers are in, and they are not looking like an employer win! It was reported that a record 4.4 million people quit their jobs in the month of September. This shocking shift has contributed to the number of unfilled jobs lingering around 10.4 million. Before the unforeseen resignations, the number of job openings was projected to decline in the month of October.

A number of this caliber insinuates that Americans are switching jobs, leaving to initiate business ownership and entrepreneurship or continuing to struggle with childcare or school schedule support as we see the pandemic having longer than expected lingering effects.

With the causes of quitting being reasons that can’t be remedied for all, we can assume we will see the rate of resignations staying this way for the next few months. This will likely cause employers to raise wages even more for the holidays, as they need employees to execute sales and promotions.

Where Teens Step In

Prior to COVID, teens were recorded to occupy over 6% of the seasonal hiring openings. Since the pandemic, that rate has more than doubled!

Companies are having to utilize teens in a strategic manner, because they often have lower wage expectations that those outside of teen years. They also tend to be more flexible and are eager to work weekends where older employees typically request off.

Business owners are bracing themselves. They see the millions of resignations as yet another sign that workers are becoming bold and more confident in their ability to demand higher wages and land even better jobs.

The Trend That Will Continue into 2022

The Great Resignation, has become the trends new name. It implies, as a whole, that there is a shift in priorities for the nation’s workers. Many are seeking flexible schedules or remote work. Above compensating those demands, employers are dangling higher pay and signing bonuses as a way to recruit new workers as well.

On top of shifting economic demands and conditions, COVID-19 infections still stagger at an uncomfortably high rate for some- causing pause for consideration in positions such as retail or hospitality.

Nationwide, job markets remain uncertain, unpredictable and candidate driven.

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