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October 12, 2022

The Ultimate Interview Guide

According to Legaljobs, here are some shocking statistics about interviews:

  • You only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression.
  • 47% of recruiters said they would reject a candidate who had little knowledge about the company to which they are applying.
  • Almost 10% of companies use social media platforms to look up applicants.
  • 71% of employers would not hire someone who was not within the appropriate dress code.
  • 67% of recruiters said that eye contact is necessary for a good first impression.
  • 39% of the candidates leave a bad impression from their lack of confidence and smile and voice quality.
  • Video interviews are six times faster than phone interviews.

These statistics may alert you, but we are using them to portray the importance of coming prepared for an interview. Luckily, MRT has provided an extensive handbook to guide you through the WHOLE interview process. From preparation to arrival, what to wear, what questions to ask, how to follow up, how to resign from your current company, and a practice sheet of potential questions- we provide everything you should know and more.

Our step-by-step interview guide is an accumulation of 35 years of being in the recruiting industry and over 100 years of combined recruiting experience in our office. We compiled advice and articles from industry-leading professionals and proven exercises to ensure candidates feel confident and prepared for their interviews.

The guide can be broken down into 4 sections with subsections:

  1. Objective of the Interview
  2. Interview Overview
    1. Preparation
    2. Arrival at the Interview
    3. Appearance
    4. The interview
      1. Typical interview questions & examples
      2. Questions for you to ask
    5. Telephone interviewing tips
    6. Conclusion of the interview
    7. Follow-up post-interview
      1. Example thank you letter
      2. Example resignation latter
      3. If You Really Want the Job, Ask for It (article)
      4. Never Accept a Counteroffer (article)
      5. Pre-employment physical exam
  1. Thirteen Reasons for Rejection
  2. Appendix
    1. FAB Sheet and Instructions
    2. Twelve Traits of Peak Performers
    3. Critical Interview Questions and Response Worksheet

The exercise we provide allows you to adequately prepare for the interview and critically think about your past accomplishments and the skills you can bring to the company. Pages 31 through 38, and pages 40 through 42 are imperative to print and complete upon interviewing.

If you are just looking for tips to step up your interview game, or you are wanting to completely overhaul your typical interview answers, our Interview Handbook covers everything from start to finish. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of our staff to ask questions or learn more about how to be effectively prepared for an interview. We understand the hiring process can be long and stressful, but we hope this handbook provides some ease along the way!

DO NOT FORGET! You can download our “Interview Handbook” below.

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