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November 16, 2022

Virtual Interview Tips to Move You into the Permanent Digital Age

sixty-two percent of American adults prefer in-person interviews. The fear of lack of connection with the interviewer and technological and environmental issues are causing in-person interviews to be the preferred method of hiring. However, virtual interviews will only increase as technology advances. MRT can teach you how to win the interview!

At MRT we strive to set all of our candidates up for success. This includes preparing each candidate for possible virtual interviews and conversations. Virtual hiring, remote working, and technological advances are here to stay, and will only evolve from here. To ace an interview or work in the new digital age means setting yourself up for success when the camera turns on.

virtual interview

There are many aspects of a virtual interview that add to the standard pressure compared to a usual in-person interview. Typically, you would walk into an office building and sit in a predetermined room already prepared by the interviewer. No thought of having a quiet space to talk, ensuring your internet connection is stable, the lighting and your camera are positioned correctly, and the environment around you is cleaned or organized. Now more than ever the atmosphere of the interview, the flow of the interview, and the success of the interview are in the hands of the interviewee.


The first thing to tackle after scheduling an interview is your environment. Make sure you have a blocked-out time where your area will be quiet and free of any distractions. This includes anything that may cause noise. Turn off your cell phone, turn off your fans, and make sure home appliances are not being used or are at a far enough distance from where your interview is taking place. Make sure pets are secured away and that everyone in the house is aware of your interview. Placing a note on the door is not a bad idea- this includes a note on your front door, so no one rings your doorbell.

Now that everything within the house is set, it is time to focus specifically on you and your background. It is ideal to have a plain, solid wall behind you and have a clean and organized space, so the interviewer is not distracted. If that is not possible, make sure your background is orderly and nothing is out that you would not want the interviewer to see. Grab a desk lamp and other floor lamps around the house to ensure the lighting is bright and clear.


Properly checking all your technology before beginning is a must. Practice opening your camera and viewing what the interviewer would see, then you can make sure your camera angle is showing the top of your head to your mid-torso. If your camera quality is not clear, make sure to wipe it or consider buying a separate camera to plug in for virtual events. Next, test your microphone. There are also options for microphone add-ons to laptops and cellphones.

If possible, try to have your device hard-wired to the internet, if not, disconnect unnecessary devices from the internet during the interview. This includes closing all tabs and software being run on your computer.


A virtual interview will follow the same typical pace as an in-person interview. Make sure you are dressed for success and outfits are ironed and present well. Talk at a normal pace, do not rush. Include pauses in your speech and ask questions at the end.

Ensure you join the call 10 minutes before you are scheduled in case of any technical issues. When the call is over double-check the call ended before “relaxing”.

Most importantly, prepare and practice! Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Set yourself up for success!


If you ever have any questions or need interview tips, feel free to reach out.

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