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May 23, 2022

What Job Seekers are Really Looking For

To fill the millions of job openings currently available in the U.S., hiring authorities need to understand what job seekers are really looking for in prospective companies.

There are 11.5 million job openings in the US which raises the big question as to why are there so many and why are they not being filled?

A possible simple answer to these dynamic questions is that companies are not offering job seekers what they are truly looking for.

Highlighting Where Companies are Failing

There is a large gap between what companies believe prospective talent is wanting and what job seekers are looking for. No more casual Fridays, free luncheons, and pizza parties. The workforce wants flexibility, opportunities for advancement, and better benefits packages.

When we sat down and talked with our experienced Executive Recruiter, Jerry Jones, he stated, “candidates are listening, and they will consider making a change – yes – even in the times we are in right now – will make a change if it is right for them”. In his recent months as a recruiter, he says most often the biggest factors the candidates are looking for when considering a job opportunity are the scope of the job, the work-life balance (or WFH), and geography. Job seekers know they hold the power in the current job market. If a corporation is not providing for the needs of their employees, their talent will and can move elsewhere.

Data That Proves the Shift

Statistics that will change your perspective on the current job market (data from Indeed article):

  • 70% of job seekers want to work for a company that demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • 84% are open to a new job opportunity.
  • Over 50% of job seekers put flexibility as a top priority for a job offer.
  • 63% of Gen Z respondents said after obtaining a full-time virtual role, they would relocate.
  • 43% state they are happy in their current role but would consider making a change if the right opportunity came along.
  • 52% say the ability to work flexible hours is their biggest factor in deciding on a new job opportunity.
  • Of those looking for a new role, 39% are wanting higher compensation and better benefits and 29% are looking for better advancement opportunities.

 Where to Begin

Even job seekers who are not actively looking will consider a new role if the opportunity provides what their current employer is missing. While we do not advise changing roles without discussing what your needs are with your current employer, we are seeing more and more candidates motivated to switch jobs if their wants are not being fulfilled.

When we asked Jerry what advice he would give to companies struggling to retain talent, he advised, “people have choices, and companies have more pressure to make their locations quality environments and cultures for people to come to work and go home. They want to be valued, respected, and heard. A strong open-door policy free from retribution is an excellent start”.

At MRT, we study what job seekers’ wants are. We only connect companies and candidates together that we feel are the right fit. If you are looking to make a change and want to find a corporation that provides you with what you are really looking for, reach out to us today. If you are looking to fill open job roles within your company and work with our dedicated recruiters, contact us here.

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