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April 5, 2022

Company Values and Where Not to Compromise – Insights from Henry Jones

As recruiters, we have seen it time and time again- a dedicated, excited, motivated employee joins a firm with seemingly great intentions, to find hidden discrepancies that were not there in the interviewing and onboarding process. One can imagine the frustration of realizing their hard work to land THAT job with THAT company is not all that it worked itself up to be. For any working individual, company values are not where to compromise! We talked more about this topic with Henry Jones and what he has seen in almost a decade as an Executive Recruiter.  

Henry’s Beginnings and Experience

Since Henry Jones joined Management Recruiters of Tallahassee in the summer of 2014, he has become an integral part of the executive recruiting team. Henry prides himself on his versatility and is known to be a “Swiss Army Knife” in the office- he is well-rounded and able to work in any capacity of the recruiting process. He has been working in leadership positions his entire career. Henry has 15 years of restaurant management experience, as well as 10 years of being a general manager at a privately owned company that did over $10 million in sales a year. Since becoming a recruiter with MRT, Henry has been hitting his stride in successful job placements and helping companies build top talent. 

Company Values Revealed

When it comes to his own experience, if you asked Henry what the most important traits of an ideal company to work for were, he would name two things: stable profit growth, and excellent work culture. Working for a company that has a strong record of being profitable and has a plan for how to grow in the future is the highest priority to Henry, as he believes a business’s goal should be to improve itself each year. This also can be a great question to ask in an interview: 

“I see your organization’s profit has been steadily increasing each year, what is your company doing to have a continuous improvement?”  

This question can reveal a lot about company culture. Are they investing in long-term resources such as training and new technology, or are they creating an atmosphere of burning out and overworking their employees?  

the different core values of a company

Excellent Work Culture Leads to Success

Once you have a commercially successful business plan and an organized management team, Henry believes promoting a workplace that has exceptional culture is just as important as being profitable. Positive workplace culture will keep operations running smoothly, especially if the people working there have shared values they take pride in. In Henry’s experience as a recruiter over nearly a decade, having similar values as the company you work for “allows you to excel,” he says.  

Prioritize Personal Values and Beliefs over Dollars and Cents

Having shared company values and promoting an inclusive environment is one of the best strategies to operate an efficient and well-ordered business. One of Henry’s biggest recommendations to anyone in the workforce is to never compromise your beliefs or philosophy for a better salary. Being happy and honest with yourself will go a long way in your professional career. It is never in your best interest to abandon your values for a company that is offering more money or is more well-known.  

Working with Family

Working in a family-owned and operated company allows Henry to work with his very own family members- although, during working hours, he “treats them as if they were colleagues,” he says. Having shared family and professional values is also an added benefit for Henry. While Henry understands that not every person can work alongside family members in a shared business, he has experience with working alongside companies and for companies that hold true to their core values. When entering your job search journey, Henry advises that every individual should speak to previous employees or current employees about the company’s workplace culture and value system. A salary, benefits package, and paid time off will never outweigh working for a firm that does not put its employees’ health and best interest over profit.  

One of the core values that MRT holds that resonates with Henry the most is encouraging individuals to learn and grow every day. If you asked Henry how we as a company do that, his answer would be a tell-all into the company culture of the business. Actions speak louder than words. MRT has consistently grown over the years because we invest in people, not employees. We consistently train, have brainstorming sessions, have “best practice” meetings, and make investing in new technology a priority. At MRT, we ask for feedback from our team and use it to make ourselves better the next day. We are lucky to have Henry as part of our team and know he resonates with our core values through his work every day.  


If you need any (personal or professional) advice, consulting, or recruiting from Henry, reach out to him here. We love guiding individuals and helping build careers and companies wherever we can. 

We help build businesses. We form teams that will carry you forward. We are capable, technical, efficient, and effective.