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March 20, 2021

Finding the Right Talent for Your Company

The decade is off to a great start with an unemployment rate of just 3.5% as of last month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It’s no secret that employers nationwide are looking for talent as there are still close to half a million positions open.  Specialty roles commonly filled by overseas workers like mold makers and tool and die designers are now extremely difficult to fill.  Until we can fill that skills gap, companies are going to have to get creative.

Company Culture

Create a compelling reason for qualified candidates to join your company through culture, flexibility and corporate amenities.  Often a candidate’s first stop when investigating a new company to work for is their career page on their website.  Engaging content and concise details about what it is like to work for the company are essential. If you are promoting a culture of learning, provide an example of a lunch and learn or weekly meeting from the standpoint of an employee.  Have them provide a testimonial on your website about their experience and growth in the company as a result of the high energy learning experience.

The Social Media Push

If you really want to attract passionate candidates who love what they do, why not create a series of videos to make them want to become involved with the company.  Maybe your company utilizes the latest prodegradant concentrates for bioerodable plastic production.  Create a video showcasing the additive being used and the effect on the finished product.  Get the right people with the right skills excited about working with your organization by featuring the latest Haas VM Series machine in a video which demonstrates the use of the programmable coolant nozzle in mold making.  Have current employees talk about the difference in the quality of their experience working with these latest technologies.

Growth Opportunities

When a candidate enters your company where will they grow once they have mastered the role they are being hired for? Providing a company specific organizational chart showing growth opportunities may just be the motivation for employees to consider making a career change.  Outlining a clear path to success helps people envision a better career future, so paint the picture.  Sometimes candidates need inspiration to motivate a move.   If they are valued and increase company productivity in their role perhaps there is a benefit they need like flexibility to work remotely once in a while to be more available to their families.  Being shown exactly how to succeed and what benefit will result is a sure way to attract qualified candidates.

Give us a Call

Our recruitment specialists have over 30 years of experience locating and presenting hard to find talent to companies like yours.  If you do have a role you need filled, consider hiring a talent recruitment firm like Management Recruiters of Tallahassee.  We can help your company grow by filling the needs you have identified and supporting corporate progress.  Our executives are familiar with the inner workings of the manufacturing industry and can match you with the candidate you have been looking for!

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