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October 28, 2022

How to Attract Talent Consistently and Build Your Brand

75% of candidates will research a company’s reputation before applying to the job opening.

In the last few months, we have discussed how to retain talent, the importance of growth opportunities, maintaining a work-life balance, and staying competitive with compensation and other offerings. This month, we are uncovering how businesses can keep attracting talent consistently and what hiring authorities need to know to compete.

Building a Great Online Presence

Building a strong, positive digital presence online is the first step in attracting talent. It is often the first impression someone has of your company and the easiest way for them to learn more. Building an online presence is an easy way to showcase your company’s expertise, culture, and news. Candidates will be more confident to apply when they can research more deeply into your business and go past just the job posting. Using social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great ways to consistently brand your business and put you at the forefront of hiring.

Having a Well-Respected Reputation

Your reputation can make or break you. This goes for clients and candidates alike. A company’s values, goals, culture, and work environment can be discovered online either through its own digital marketing or through other sites and connections. Once you have established your presence online, it is time to look at your reputation. What about your company is being said online? What are you known for? Is there anything negative online you can clean or clear up? Sites such as Glassdoor reveal a lot about a business directly from current or former employees. It is also well known that candidates will go beyond just company sites and will use LinkedIn to reach out to employees. Candidates want a clear picture of what the culture is like at their potential company. Ensure that you build a lasting culture that focuses on creating a meaningful experience in your employees’ lives.

Asking the Right Questions

Since 2020 and the Great Resignation, candidates are becoming even better experts at asking the right questions to reveal more about the company. Hiring authorities should be well-versed in the answers to these questions and candidates should use these questions to get a better picture of the company they could potentially work for:

  1. What is the compensation and bonus plan?
  2. How strong are the benefits?
  3. What is the cost of living in this company’s city?
  4. Do they offer work from home?
  5. What is the turnover rate?
  6. How solid is the company in reference to sales and the industries they serve?
  7. Why are they looking to fill this position?
  8. How will I be trained?
  9. What can I become at this company?
  10. What will they expect of me in the first 30, 60, or 90 days?

As recruiters, we are experts in seeing the gaps in hiring and onboarding processes. In this candidate-driven market, it is imperative that companies cover all their bases in attracting and retaining talent. Creating a lasting reputation, building a strong online presence, and knowing the answers to the hard questions are building blocks in attracting and retaining the top talent in the industry they serve.

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