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September 3, 2021

How to Find the Right Position

The first thing to do when looking for the right job for you is determining what you want and need out of the position. It’s important to identify which factors are nonnegotiable from the start so you can pick a role in a company that you are willing to stay at for at least 5 years. If you’re needs are not being met you will find something else soon after starting. It might be helpful to ask yourself a series of questions to help with this process; what do you need to make, what is the most important aspect of a company you would work for? Is it culture or flexibility in work schedule? What areas would you like to grow in as you progress in your career and does the company you are applying to work at provide that opportunity? In today’s job market you can afford to look for job satisfaction from the start, we are fortunate not to be in an economy that forces us to take what we can get.

Finding the Right Company

The best run plastics-based companies are also likely to be the best organized manufacturing enterprises – with systems and innovation to match. A successful manufacturing career in plastics is likely to include a more than basic competence and enthusiasm for modern manufacturing methods such as JIT, continuous improvement, Six Sigma, and others. It is important to have an understanding of the latest advances in your industry so you can identify where different companies are in relation to the industry as a whole and choose your fit. The best companies are moving toward a more strategic approach in people management; needing to develop expert know-how in nurturing, retaining and developing their people – and this clearly makes practical and economical sense.

Get Noticed

Of course it is also essential to present yourself well and professionally throughout the hiring process in order to attract the company, hiring manager and position that is right for you. This starts with your resume. Know what human resources managers are looking for and showcase sought after skills. Do you have Six Sigma, SPC, and injection molding or welding experience? Be sure to list your skills and specific licenses or certificates both in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Your goal should be to paint a picture of your accomplishments and progression throughout your career. If you are looking to get to the next level you could start adding skills you will need in your next role to your skill set now by taking on more responsibilities in your current position. If you would like to break into management, start offering to lead projects to gain the necessary leadership skills and put this in your resume for hiring managers to see. Once you do have an interview, ask questions so you can find out what the company you are interviewing with wants and needs and look for a reason they should hire you that relates to solving a problem they have.

Enlist the Experts

Partnering with a Recruiter who can listen to your needs and understands the marketplace will be an invaluable asset in your search. They specialize in knowing what different companies and candidates are looking for in order to make the best matches possible. A Recruiter who specializes in a particular industry will also be on top of upcoming mergers and acquisitions which can be a very useful base of knowledge to help you position yourself well at any stage of your career. Whether you are a Mold Maker looking for opportunities in the North East or a Senior Quality Engineer looking for a cutting edge company to grow with on the West Coast, Management Recruiters of Tallahassee is ready to help!

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