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August 2, 2021

Interim Staffing


Interim employment is becoming more and more popular among the modern work force. One benefit of opting for a job on an interim basis is you can try out a company before committing to a more permanent position. This is especially helpful if you are a recent graduate or considering a career change. Get a feel for a company’s culture and discover if they promote an atmosphere of teamwork or any factor that is important to you while completing an assignment. If you want to settle into a particular area of the country, it can also provide an opportunity to network and meet new people. It is often easier to find permanent employment while working and there is less competition in the marketplace for this form of employment.


If you need to move from one area of the country to another or just simply between positions, interim employment could be a great way to bridge that gap. Perhaps there is a permanent position you have had your eye on but you know it will be several months before there is an opportunity for new hires, committing to something on a temporary basis would be ideal. Jobs like these can range from 2 to 15 months depending on the size of the work order which needs to be filled. Interim staffing can also be a great way to get your foot in the door with an organization that you really want to work with. Large plastics manufacturers looking to add another line due to an increase in orders or a new interim often make permanent hiring decisions based on temporary workers currently assigned.


Another benefit of shorter term positions would be if you were looking for some way to gain experience in a new industry. If you can start out with an interim assignment and do really well, that could lead to doors opening for you as you gain a better understanding of the industry you are entering into. Perhaps you have just graduated from college and have knowledge and training in the manufacturing industry but you would really like to gain hands on experience die casting in the automotive industry before you fully commit to that aspect of manufacturing. Or perhaps you have just graduated from the military and would like to re-acclimate to civilian life, the defense department has plenty of manufacturing interim work they need filled which you can pick up while your figuring out what you want your life to look like on a more permanent basis. Our firm has such opportunities on a temporary project basis available to you that need qualified people as larger work orders come in.

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