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July 6, 2022

Remote Gen Z Interns are Impacting Businesses

Matthew McCallister, a future Gen Z graduate of the class of 2023, will share how drastically his view of recruiting has changed since joining our firm in December of 2021 as our Marketing and Research Assistant. Matthew will also share his perspective and advice to recruiters as a part of Gen Z and a future member of the working class, and how he has impacted MRT.

When Matthew McCallister set out to find professional experience while attending Florida State University, he stumbled upon MRT. After interviewing with our team, he learned that we are a highly specialized, privately-owned business with decades of experience. MRT saw the potential in Matthew, both as a Marketing Assistant but also assisting the recruiting staff in their searches. Matthew immediately recognized that MRT invests in its employees to promote a healthy work-life balance, which was important for him being a college student and intern. From Matthew’s perspective “MRT has allowed me to be successful in my schooling as well as my marketing position and to gain invaluable work experience”.

Learning the Industry

When Matthew joined the team 7 months ago, he did not know the vast landscape of recruiting and how both internal company recruiters and private independent firms play a role in every industry, big and small, worldwide. We asked Matthew how his view of recruiting has changed in the last few months. His response was, “I viewed recruiting as only a search process before I joined MRT, and I have learned it is both searching and guiding candidates… we work closely with the candidates to ensure they have proper resumes and interviewing techniques for the desired company and also give compensation and negotiation advice”.

After learning the recruiting life cycle and about our connections within the MRINetwork, Matthew was able to work with our recruiters on a CEO search and compiled a list of potential candidates that were in an extremely niche target demographic. Matthew has more recently been interested in the importance of recruiting and reflects on a quote Jerry Jones once said to him, “Always keep your doctor, your lawyer, your banker, and your recruiter your best friends.  You may need them at some point in your life”.

Listening to the Gen Z Perspective

It is no secret that Gen Z are becoming a big factor in the future of work. In just 7 short years, 30% of the workforce will be Gen Z. Knowing this, MRT looks to invest in Gen Z staff and give them the space to grow and learn. When asked where Matthew believes recruiters should focus their attention when recruiting and interacting with Gen Z talent he stated, “Being upfront and honest and spending as little time as possible ‘beating around the bush’. With an extremely tight labor market and job surplus, Gen Z is entering the labor market with companies competing to hire new graduates. With many graduates having multiple job offers lined up, it is of utmost importance that recruiters are clear with them about the job responsibilities and total compensation packages to ensure an efficient process”.

Projects and Accomplishments

Matthew has used the skills and experience he has gained from what he has learned as a marketing student at FSU to support MRT with big and small marketing projects. From every day small tasks to assisting in the establishment of our monthly newsletter and our YouTube presence, both projects have been a huge addition to our marketing strategy and goals. By helping MRT get a foothold on publishing our own video media online, it has become instrumental in organic growth.

Recently, Matthew has been working on a project that will allow our recruiters to communicate efficiently and directly with followers of our media pages. Working closely with the marketing team has allowed us to reach the goals we have set for our company. Matthew’s current endeavors with our company have taken him to the recruiting side of the business. Moving forward, Matthew will work more closely with our recruiters and learn the ins and outs of the recruiting business. We are very excited to use Matthew’s skills and talents to continue connecting talented candidates with amazing companies and we are looking forward to seeing his skills grow and flourish within MRT.

Feel free to connect with Matthew here or visit our website to learn more about our service offerings. Follow our social media pages to stay up to date on all our job placements, announcements, industry knowledge and insights.

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